The Pathfinder Core Rulebook describes how skills function. However, the unique nature of the Steamjammer setting has required a few small adjustments to these rules. New skills for the Steamjammer campaign are listed below, as well as new uses for old skills.

New Skills

Knowledge (Space) (Int; Trained Only)
This skill is added to the typical knowledge skill list, it represents lore and scientific knowledge relating to astronomy, including planets, stars, interplanetary and interstellar space.

Pilot (Dex)
Use this skill to force a spelljammer vessel to achieve a greater maneuver-ability than normal.
Check: You can make a spelljamming ship perform a maneuver greater then normally allowed to it with a successful check. The DCs required by various maneuvers are detailed in the Spelljamming section.
Action: Making a Pilot check to maneuver a ship is a move action.
Try Again: You can’t generally retry a maneuver without first suffering whatever ramification come from failing the check in the first place. In some cases, these are minor and insignificant, but some failed checks have dire consequences.
Special: This skill is a cross-class skill for any character who has not selected the Spelljammer Helm Operation feat (see Feats section.) If you have that feat, Pilot is treated as a class skill.

Profession (Spacehand) (Wis, Trained Only)
This skill is added to the typical profession skill list, and represents familiarity with handling shipboard duties.


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