Endless worlds of adventure exist in a faraway and fantastic galaxy. In the Steamjammer Campaign Setting; mages operate the helms of magical spaceships, fortune seekers journey to frontier planets hoping to get rich, and gunslingers become famous (or infamous) for legendary duels and shootouts. Steamjammer is a setting that mixes a traditional fantasy role-playing game with old western and steam punk elements, finished with a massive galactic setting by drawing upon themes of space opera and planetary romance. In a campaign of cosmic scale and immeasurable opportunities, the only question that remains is: Who will you be?

Campaign Features

Spelljammer Vessels
In the Steamjammer setting, magic and technology have combined to produce vessels capable of flying across the skies and traversing the vast distances of deep space. These magical ships, known collectively as “Spelljammers,” create their own gravity and atmosphere magically and generally resemble open-deck sailing vessels…or more unusual forms. Vast fleets of spelljammer vessels serve as the primary mode of transit in the Steamjammer setting, and connect cosmopolitan worlds with far-flung pioneer worlds.

A Fantastic Galaxy
The backdrop of Steamjammer is a barred spiral galaxy, known as “The Cosmos” by its inhabitants. The galaxy has been ruled by a vast interstellar empire for thousands of years, and most of its history has been peaceful and prosperous. However, the recent history of the empire has been more eventful and turbulent. The Empire was torn asunder by a brutal civil war which lasted for 14 years. The empire was ultimately victorious in its war efforts, but only at a tremendous cost. The war may have ended 12 years ago, but the horrors of battle are still fresh in the minds of those who survived.

Advanced Technology
Steamjammer incorporates various science-fiction elements into a fantasy role-playing game, and the equipment available to characters is significantly more advanced than a typical swords and sorcery type game. The items available to players are fully detailed in the Equipment section, but the level of technology in the Steamjammer galaxy is comparable to the year 1878 on Earth. Players will probably first notice the new array of weapons, as rifles and revolvers have largely replaced swords and spears. But scientific and technological progress is revolutionizing nearly every aspect of life in the cosmos.


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