House Rules

New Rules

Monetary System

In order to modernize the financial feel of the setting, Steamjammer uses a decimated monetary system. The unit of currency in Steamjammer is the Dollar ($). The Imperial Treasury has declared that the value of one dollar ($1) is equal to the value of 1 gold coin (1 gp). This is the exchange rate that players should use to convert the cost of previously published equipment. For example, a backpack (2 gp) would cost $2, a bedroll (1 sp) would cost $0.10, and a torch (1 cp) would cost $0.01.

The Imperial dollar is set on a Gold Standard. The value of the dollar is set upon a fix amount of gold, representing both the Empire’s treasury, and the money in circulation around the galaxy. The Federation of Independent Planets printed its own currency during the Civil War, known as the Federal Credit (€). However, as the war progressed inflation became an increasing large problem for the Federal economy. With the war now over, Federal Credits are considered valueless. The Empire owes no small part of its victory to the collapse of the Federation’s currency and its economic institutions.

Prestige Points and Fame

In addition to receiving experience points and money, characters will be rewarded Prestige Points (PP) and Fame at the end of each Steamjammer adventure. Characters can potentially earn up to three Prestige Points per adventure, and a character’s Fame is equal to the total number of Prestige Points they have been awarded. Characters can spend their Prestige Points on certain rewards, listed below. Character must have enough Prestige Points to purchase any listed upgrade, and meet any listed prerequisites. Prestige Points are rewarded base on the following criteria:

Completion of the Scenario: Characters receive one Prestige Point for successfully completing an adventure.

Teamwork/Problem Solving: Characters may be rewarded a Prestige Point if they came up with clever solutions to the problems they encountered, or demonstrated good teamwork and sportsmanship.

Role-playing: The importance of role-playing cannot be understated in a Role Playing Game. Characters may receive a final Prestige Point if they commit to playing the session “in character.”

Prestige Rewards
+4 on any one skill check: 1 PP
Dispel magic: 1 PP
Lesser restoration: 1 PP
Make whole: 1 PP
Remove blindness/deafness: 1 PP
Remove curse: 1 PP
Remove disease: 1 PP
Remove paralysis: 1 PP
Free purchase a single item up to $150*: 1PP
Atonement: 2 PP (8 PP to restore cleric/druid powers)
Break enchantment: 2 PP
Greater dispel magic: 2 PP
Neutralize poison: 2 PP
Restoration: 2 PP (4 PP to remove a negative level)
Free purchase of a single item up to $750*: 2 PP
Regenerate: 3 PP
Have your body recovered by a rescue team: 5 PP
Raise dead: 16 PP
Greater restoration: 16 PP
Resurrection: 32 PP
True Resurrection: 77 PP

*Once per adventure


Players are entitled to one reroll per game session if they have a Pathfinder Character Folio in their possession, or if they are wearing any official Paizo apparel. Players must announce this reroll before the result of the first roll is announced, and players must use the result of the second roll…even if it is worse than the result of the first roll.

Players are entitled to one additional reroll if they refill the GM’s glass or pipe. Intention to do so must be declared at the time of the desired reroll, and otherwise follows the rules listed above.

House Rules

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